Apr 10, 2011

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Regenicin RGIN.OB

Regenicin RGINRGIN:OTC.OB - Regenicin, Inc. – It’s time to roll up our sleeves and break down the pro’s and con’s of a company that very well can be on the up and up after putting in a major bottom on most chart indicators.

As most of us already know, renewed investor interest + volume proceeding price = price action that is the main reason many folks invest their hard earned money into the markets in the first place.


Get out your clipboard and start jotting down notes that in the end will ultimately make more than enough business sense to act accordingly and possibly assist in booking profits over the near term on RGIN.

We believe it is time to follow the hot-hand once again as Regenicin RGIN has triggered a volume alert on Friday in epic proportions. Regenicin traded 2,181,672 shares Friday…over 12 x it’s 3 month average volume of 154,466 with price action that raised many eye brows from coast to coast. RGIN climbed up $.15 or 21% to close near sessions highs at $.84.


After closely examining the 3 month chart,  it’s clear to see the transformation of direction and possibly trend change for this cheap undiscovered biotech stock.


There looks to be a nice shelf of support sitting within the $.80 range with small resistance above near $.90. The channels are tightening and there sure seems to be a rather big move ahead based on technical analysis alone aside from further outside indicators such as press or company events.


Regenicin, Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of and commercialization of regenerative cell therapies to restore the health of damaged tissues and organs.


Regenicin, which was founded in 2010, has assembled a world class team with a proven track record for developing and bringing innovative medical devices and biotechnology products to market.  For a much deeper look into Regenicin, Inc. please access this link to their homepage. http://www.regenicin.com/.


Regenicin RGIN

So, with most people having an extended 3 day weekend due to the Holiday of  famous activist Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well as the markets getting a day off to absorb the massive move up recently towards 29 month highs on the Dow Jones.

Let’s all take some extra time tonight to research and do a little due diligence on this  “diamond in the rough”  biotechnology company that CEO Randall McCoy seems to have a strong handle on making a 180 degree turn-around in the right direction towards success.

In summary, while you can find most passengers onboard any jetliner gazing across the ocean at 40,000 ft. above sea level…StockRunway sets it’s sights on the next possible “Rain-Maker” in the sky!

Regenicin RGIN could very well be that “Rain-Maker”!

We’ll be keeping a close eye out on the price-action of RGIN this upcoming week ahead!

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