May 13, 2012

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The Facebook Stock Price Has Finally Been Revealed

The Facebook Stock Price Has Finally Been Revealed

Facebook Stock PriceFacebook is the most popular social media website in existence, so you can see why every investor wants to know the Facebook stock price.  It is also the most popular site of its kind in the history of the internet. The site began as a means through which Harvard students could connect with each other back in 2004. Since its inception, it became available to students of other universities, and it eventually opened itself up for use by general members of the public. Its simple interface has attracted users by the millions, but the fact that it is remarkably customizable has ensured that users continue to use the service long after they have signed up.

Determining the Facebook Stock Price

The site has become the primary way through which many people connect with friends and family members, and numerous users have made it their principal destination on the internet thanks to the presence of games, groups and the ability to check in easily with the lives of others. Because the site is wildly popular, its initial public offering – which is set for May 18th, 2012 – is expected to bring in billions of dollars. The initial Facebook stock price has been set, and it is only a matter of time until the world gets a chance to see exactly how valuable the site is on the open market.

The Facebook Stock Price Compared to Other IPOs

It was recently announced that the initial stock price for Facebook will range from $28 to $35 per share. With over three hundred million common shares of class A stock becoming available, this means that the company will enter its IPO with a record valuation of close to 100 billion dollars. This valuation would shatter the record of $23 billion which was set by Google during its initial public offering in 2004. At the time of its IPO, the Google stock price was set at $85. For the sake of comparison, Apple’s initial stock price was set at $22 in 1980, and Microsoft’s was initially set at $21 in 1986. As everyone knows, these companies have done quite well for themselves and their investors. It is expected that Facebook’s IPO will have a similar impact.

The Facebook Stock Price Makes it a Terrific Value

There have been many notable companies which have been valued highly at the time of the IPO, but none of them have come close to the record once held by Google, and it is unlikely that another internet-based company will earn a valuation approaching Facebook’s at any point in the foreseeable future. Facebook has been one of the internets most popular and widely-used destinations for years, and those who invest on the ground floor, and aren’t intimidated by the Facebook stock price are likely to reap the benefits of the site’s continued dominance for years to come.

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