Jul 3, 2013

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Investors Alert: Honda Motor Co.’s (NYSE:HMC) and UnitedHealth Group Inc.’s (NYSE:UNH)

Investors Alert: Honda Motor Co.’s (NYSE:HMC) and UnitedHealth Group Inc.’s (NYSE:UNH)

The Los Angeles Times declared Tuesday that UnitedHealth Group Inc.’s (NYSE:UNH) UnitedHealthcare unit would stop selling individual health insurance policies in California and would not be taking part in the state’s health exchanges.

UnitedHealth joins Aetna Inc. in refusing to take part in the most famous state in the nation. UnitedHealth’s decision forces almost 8,000 customers to find other means of insurance while Aetna would put 50,000 policyholders into someone else’s favor.

The Times hints out that UnitedHealth had almost 2% of the state’s individual market while Aetna had 5%. The largest players in the market would stay, Anthem Blue Cross, part of WellPoint Inc. together with Kaiser Permanente and Blue Shield of California. The three united control 87% of the market, the Times reported.

Honda Motor Co.’s (NYSE:HMC) US vehicle sales jumped up 9.7% in June from a year ago as robust Honda unit sales assisted compensate the Japanese auto manufacturer’s sluggish Acura sales. Results topped predictions from car-shopping website Edmunds.com.

Edmunds had estimated Toyota’s sales to enhance 9.3% from a year ago. Mainly, Edmunds predicts latest US auto sales to surge 6.3% in June from a year ago same quarter.

Honda declared that it sold 136,915 vehicles previous month, a 2.2% drop from May’s total. Honda unit sales, which consist of Fit, Accord, Odyssey and Pilot, jumped 12.5% from a year earlier. The much smaller Acura luxury unit’s sales dropped 10%.

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