Sep 17, 2013

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Investors Picks: FactSet Research Systems Inc. (NYSE:FDS) and Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE:DAL)

Investors Picks: FactSet Research Systems Inc. (NYSE:FDS) and Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE:DAL)

FactSet Research Systems Inc. (NYSE:FDS) reported that fiscal fourth-quarter earnings jumped up 5%, as the financial-data provider declared its best quarterly client hike in years, though revenue growth persisted to decline.


The firm, which provides clients with market analysis software and databases, mainly has been posting quarterly profit growth lately, although its major clients in the financial-services industry have stayed under stress to manage costs.

FactSet’s revenue growth has declined over the last year, following an almost two-year line of double-digit hikes.


In the recent quarter, FactSet gained 60 net new clients, taking the total client numbers to 2,500, and showing the biggest quarterly hike since 2006. FactSet declared the amount of users climbed 1,409, taking the total to 50,925, the highest quarterly hike since 2011.


Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE:DAL) was lifted to an overweight rating from neutral on Tuesday by JP Morgan.

The bank also lifted its price target to $26 from $22. Delta’s corporate share of the New York market is picking up pace,” mentioned by the J.P. Morgan experts led by Jamie Baker, further stating that the boost has been caused by a better network instead of by price.

It presently does a superior job linking corporate workers and customers than AMR’s stand-alone network, in many markets, the experts further stated. Delta shares jumped up 2.3% in the premarket session on Tuesday.

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