Aug 14, 2012

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Take a Look at BLBK

BLBK as a Stock

blbkBLBK known as Boldface Group Inc. is a corporation out of Nevada. The company provides high profile brands licensing services. Some products include hair, makeup, personal care items, and other beauty products and tools.

As of Tuesday, it opened at $0.5950, and the stock has been trading in the range of $0.50 and $0.5950. It is up at least 13% from it’s prior close of $0.50. Over the past 52 weeks, BLBK had been between $0.4 and $0.65. The total market cap stands at $130.56 million.
The stock has been fluctuating every day going from from $0.5950 till $0.5 and but is now gradually rising upwards.  In July, BLBK was at $0.63 and slid steeply, but the stock is now back on a steady rise.

On Tuesday, it traded quite heavily, with a trading volume of 0.20 million.  That is a lot higher the the average 5-day volume of 0.06 million shares.

BLBK as a Company

Boldface Group’s CEO, Nicole Ostoya made a couple of television appearances and she talks about some of BLBK products and services.  She also mentions the current developments and future corporate plans.  The company is planning to expand through its operating subsidiary BOLDFACE Licensing + Branding.

Headlining the recent activity is the brand “Khroma”, developed for the popular Kardashian family. This is expected to launch in December 2012.  The timing couldn’t be better with the popularity of the family and their TV shows being at the top of the television industry.

Another announcement that BLBK made was that they signed on Mario Lopez, a well-known television host and actor. He is signed on in the fragrance category. They believe he will bring in the interest of his youth audience, with his charming personality and good looks. The marketing plan is to launch an Eau de Toilette Spray first and then followed by shave creams and then any other products that would qualify under that category that they see fitting at the time.

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