Aug 27, 2012

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Stock To Watch: Pristine Solutions (OTCQB: PRTN)

Pristine Solutions, Incorporated (OTCQB: PRTN) made an announcement that on August 23, they acquired a Nevada corporation, Eaton Scientific Systems, Ltd. This corporation is a life science company that focuses solely on women’s health issues surrounding menopausal conditions using products with non-hormonal treatments.

Learn About Eaton Scientific Before Buying PRTN

Eaton Scientific has identified, developed, and filed a patent for a novel indication of an existing FDA approved drug, homatropine, a non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes that has been a safe prescription that has been continuously prescribed in the U.S. for over 4 decades.  Eaton Scientific named the drug indication, Trophine 3, and is currently being prescribed and compounded by Los Angeles, California doctors to women who want a non-hormonal option.

“Every woman who has experienced hot flashes knows the devastating affects they have on themselves personally and on their loved ones.  Tropine 3 has been shown in individual cases to reduce the symptoms of hot flashes in terms of intensity, duration, and number of occurrences without the use of dangerous hormones which,” said Michael Borkowski, CEO and President of Eaton Scientific Systems, Ltd. “We look forward to building market awareness and acceptance of Tropine 3 throughout the women’s health care sector in hopes of improving the lives of the over 50 million women in America that would benefit from this proven safe and effective treatment for hot flashes.”
Eaton Scientific will continue ongoing development and clinical testing of Tropine 3 and is in the process of assembling a senior management team and a group of scientific advisors to assist  with this process.  The clinical trials are being conducted under strict FDA standards to provide support to claims made in the patent filed under USPTO #60/719,756.

More about Pristine Solutions (PRTN)

In June, Pristine Solutions made a filing that showed the company did not generate any revenue for a 3-month period that ended on April 30, 2012.  During that same time PRTN registered an operating and net loss of $10,000. In the previous year during the same time period, the company had generated revenue of $1,000, but reported an operating and net loss of $11,000. In the 8k filing, PTRN said that they plan to meet its cash requirements for the next 12 months by combining equity financing and debt financing through private placements.
On Friday, there were 343 trades executed PRTN ended the day at 50% higher with dollar volume of $4,824,768 (22,610,981 shares).and in after-hours trading rose to a 52-week high of $0.53. Today, had traded over 20 million shares in opening and PRTN is up 65% and trading at .36. Currently, this is a heavy volume trader.

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