Nov 17, 2011

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AMWI.OB – UP 486%

AMWI.OB – Amwest Imaging Inc.

AMWIAMWI, also known as Amwest Imaging Incorporated has gained the outstanding shares of Instant Website Technology Inc. which is a “cloud software” Company that primarily provides building tools for company relationships and processes that help any business cultivate profitable relationships with customers, all through web based solutions. AMWI is a company that focuses on helping companies become successful through digital conversion and indexing of documentation. AMWI target markets include state and local governments, construction industry, the medical field, legal firms, and other business that have storage and retrieval needs.

AMWI.OB Shares Take Off 486%

With volume of 71,865,412 shares traded, Amwest Imaging Inc. AMWI.OB shares took off and finished up 486.67% to $0.1760  The stock has a 52-week range of $0.0710 – $0.2070.

Amwest Imaging Inc
10213 Penrith Avenue, Unit 104
Las Vegas, NV 89144
United StatesTel:1/ 702 882 3106

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