Jun 13, 2012

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Keep Your Eye On GBGM

GBGM is a Penny Stock to Watch


Global Gaming Network Inc. (GBGM) finished strong on Tuesday, ending the day at $0.42.

Earlier this week, Global Gaming Network Inc. (GBGM) entered through its North American Sports Information Service, SportsAlert.com, into an affiliate arrangement with Goldbet GmbH, which is Europe’s leading online gaming operations.

What is GBGM?

GBGM is a developer, distributor and aggregator of digital entertainment and sports information for online and mobile platforms. The president of Global Gaming Network, Stephen Kern, said that GBGM can now provide cash and prize opportunities from mobile phones to its Canadian subscribers using the SportsAlert.com service. SportsAlert.com is the top independent mobile sports information service in North America.

Global Gaming Network does NOT rely on social media sites to reach out to customers.  Using it’s own platform, GBGM sends out real-time sports scores and updates via text messaging or directly to e-mail accounts.  The subscription is free and advertiser supported. Global Gaming Network had been focusing on the the SMS advertising sector because they believe that this is the most effective and best way to advertise by reaching a very responsive audience, which is the young male consumer.  Mobile advertising is the industry’s fastest growing media channel and is expected to reach 4 billion in  global revenues in 2012, an esimate by Mobile Marketing Association.

“Our subscriber list has been growing steadily, and we now have over 100,000 highly responsive members to our popular SportsAlert.com service,” said Stephen Kern.

GBGM is currently the most talked about penny stock. It is ranked in the top 5 on E-trade’s most popular list above Citigroup and Microsoft.

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