May 16, 2012

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Stock Alert: GWBU – Great Wall Builders, Ltd.

GWBU On The Rise

Wall Builders, Ltd. (OTC:GWBU GWBU message board) has had successful sessions recently. Over the last four sessions the worth has gone from concerning $0.7 to $1.54.

The company had it’s most exciting day up to date, yesterday. Fueled by variety of paid pumps, GWBU closed up 41.28% on nearly thirty six million shares. the degree represents over 100% of the amount of issued and outstanding stock, assuming it hasn’t modified since April twenty.

One of the selling corporations, Centro Azteca S.A., disclosed it expected to receive $100 thousand for its efforts. Another promoter expects $50 thousand.

Unlike most promoted stocks on the OTC, GWBU managed to shut with a big gain, although it was not at the high of the day.

Before an asset acquisition agreement in March, GWBU used to be a shell company. currently GWBU has founded begin Technologies Europe I.G. with the expressed purpose of promoting the technologies it acquired the rights to back in March.

While the market performance of GWBUhas been nothing wanting wonderful these past many sessions, one has got to marvel what’s it that the corporate extremely has. At this time little is known concerning the particular monetary state of affairs at GWBU, and at this worth it’s a market cap
of over $500 million.

GWBU Makes An Announcement

About 2 hours ago the corporate issued a press unharness saying that tests showed vital improvements through the employment of GWBU’s technology. The tests were allotted by THESI s.r.l. di Imola of Italy, an Italian ISO 9001 certified company.

Even with the press unharness and also the expensive pumps, at over $500 million GRWB might prove to be overpriced, considering how very little is understood concerning what the corporate extremely has and with the uncertainty of how well its product might sell.

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