Oct 9, 2012

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Stock Alert: PWEI

PacWest Equities Inc (PWEI). After the pervious close of $0.15, the stock opened at $0.16 and is up 30.67% as of mid day on October 9th, 2012 trading at $0.20.

What is PacWest Equities, Inc.(PWEI)?

PWEI is a development stage company and offers Professional Services and Business Development to help companies take new products and technologies to market.  You may have heard of them by their former name, Competitive Games International, Inc. The company changed their name in 2010. PacWest Equities, Inc.is based in Las Vegas and founded in 2003.  The company’s main focus is acquisition and management of industrial, commercial, land, and residential real estate assets. They would also like to get all oil and gas properties.
PacWest Equities, Inc (PWEI) top company is World EcoSource Corp. This technology based company developed MobileFeed® and MobileFeed® systems to help improve food production for animals and humans. The system can be easily implemented into current business processes for producing fodder for animals or vegetables and protein for humans.

What PacWest Equities (PWEI) Systems Do

The MobileFeed® System for animals is an organic, sustainable, green life farming system.  The system uses solar powered water conservation for growing. 1500 pounds of organically grown grass can be produced daily using this system for year round animal feeding. The animals will be certified, grass fed and will lower costs by 200%.

The MobileFood® System for humans makes production of certified organic proteins and vegetables very quick through the life cycle harmonic integration of fish farms and hydroponic vegetables. The system works by one half feeding and fertilizing the other half and vise versa. This isn’t a new process, but by joining the hydroponic knowledge with the technologies patented by World EcoSource, the outputs have finally become commercially feasible.

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