Nov 15, 2012

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Stock Alert: SLIO

SLIO Spike

slioYesterday was a big day for SLIO.  It made a sharp up move and showed a bullish trend. It went from an average trading of 2.8 million shares to trading 180,000,000.00.  The stock closed at $0.101, which is up 21.25% from it’s previous closing of $0.08.  It is likely to touch $0.16 in upcoming trading sessions, but on the flip side, it could tumble down to $0.09.  SLIO’s next support level exists at $0.08.

Solo International has become aware of a recent spike in the trading volume and price of the Company’s stock. Neither the Company nor its officer and director are aware of any recent news, activity (corporate or otherwise) or investor relations activity that may be the cause of this recent volume and price increase.

What is SLIO?

Solo International, Inc. is a company that is based out of Nevada and formed in 2010. SLIO in it’s exploration stage. It focuses on deposits of rare earth metals and rare earth elements, the acquisition, exploration, production, development, and operation of mining properties in strategic bulk mineable industrial metals in parts of eastern Canada, such as Quebec.  The mission of Solo International is to build a portfolio of viable mining prospects throughout the world and developing them to their full economic potential.

Rare Earth Metals and Rare Earth Elements are an important material in several industrial processes, as well as for military applications and high technology. The future demand for REE’s is strong and growing.  It is predicted that the demand for rare earth oxides will more than double within 5 years from 120,000 to over 240,000 tons per year by 2015.  Currently China produces more than 95% of the world’s rare earths, but has imposed high export restrictions on rare earth sales. Sine the supply is being restricted, the opportunity for companies exploring and developing deposits is in demand and growing.

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