Nov 28, 2012

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Stock Alert: SVEN

The Hype About SVEN


There is no newly released news as to why Superior Venture Corp (SVEN) skyrocketed yesterday. Since there is a lack of logical reason, it is assumed that SVEN is doing well due to paid promotion. Which in the long run may prove to be a pump and dump play.

SVEN has been the top traded stock on the entire OTCQB market with a lot of anticipation. Millions of eyes are watching this one closely and so far doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

Closing the day on Tuesday, the pump inflated the price of SVEN a whopping 219.80% and closing at $0.315 per share. The volume reached 126.6 million shares.  Superior Ventures should be on every traders watchlist.  The volume and the price action is likely to stay around the same for the remainder of the week.

At mid-day Wednesday, SVEN continued to be up 3.17% trading at $0.3250 per share.

Although this stock is seemingly a strong pick, traders that are not familiar with paid promotions should be cautious with this company.

What is SVEN?

Superior Venture Corp. (SVEN) is a public company that has created an unprecedented opportunity to tap into the Chinese domestic motion picture industry through its wholly owned subsidiary is Ilustrato Pictures Limited, a motion picture development and production company that focuses on co-creating feature film projects with Chinese companies who will produce films to be distributed in China and internationally. The corporate headquarters is in London, England.

Over the last 15 years, the Chinese movie industry has been the fastest growing film market in the world.  Domestic Chinese box office receipts have increased from US$240 million in 2005 to over US$2 billion to date in 2012.

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