Oct 24, 2012

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Stock Alert: TFER

TFER Continues Trading Strong


Titan Iron Ore Corp (OTC: TFER) is a top stock that you want to keep your eye one. After a dip to $0.84 yesterday, the Company started today out strong and broke through the $1.00 mark early this morning, reaching $1.06 in the first hour of trading at the open market, so far, the daily high.  Currently, TFER is up $0.085 or 9% trading at $1.02 at 1:00 pm EDT with over 3.5 million shares trading hands. This is already over 7x it’s Average Daily Volume and about 5x the price it was a little more than a month ago. Over the last four days, TFER has led the way in volume charts.

About TFER

Titan Iron Ore Corp (TFER) was formed in 2007 and is based in Tucson, Arizona. The Company previously known as Digital yearbook, Inc and is a development-stage company. It is a a mineral resource exploration company that is focused on acquiring and developing iron ore exploration and development mining properties located in ares that enjoy sound economies, stable politics, and friendly business environments. Titan has 100% interests in the Wyomex Iron Complex project in Albany County, Wyoming. The complex consists of mineral leases and unpatented mining claims aggregating about 683 acres. It has the options to acquire 100% interest in 144 mining claims in Quebec, Canada. TFER received funding from convertible debentures along with recently signing an agreement with an accredited investor to secure equity line financing of up to $10 million.

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