Dec 12, 2011

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VelaTel Global Communications (VELA) Makes Major Announcement

VelaTel Global CommunicationsVelaTel Global Communications, also known as VELA has made a big company announcement. VELA is a United States based company, with their headquarters in San Diego, in which leads in operating wireless broadband and telecommunications networks across the world. VELA currently focuses on up and coming markets where internet access rate is low relative to the capacity of current operators to provide comparable cutting edge services, and/or where the entry cost to acquire spectrum is low relative to projected subscribers.

The Announcement from VelaTel Global Communications

VelaTel Global Communications is proud to say that they have been accepted to membership in Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), which is a top industry trade group by the signing of a Business Cooperation Agreement for 75 base transceiver stations (BTS) plus the core equipment, other infrastructure and software VelaTel will deploy in connection with the first phase of its new wireless network projects in Croatia and Montenegro. The deal is expected to be finalized by the first week of January 2012 to allow enough time for VELA auditors to get the work needed to report the financial results of Herlong and its subsidiaries on VelaTel Global’s consolidated financial statements as they move ahead.

The Meaning of this Announcement from VELA

The objective for the trade group is to bring together top operators like VelaTel Global Communications to help drive the TD-LTE ecosystem as a standard in mobile broadband technology, facilitating multilateral cooperation between operators, promoting convergence of TD-LTE with FDD-LTE in order to maximize economies of scale, and expediting the development of terminals and global roaming.
VELA is very excited about this opportunity. President, Colin Tay said, “We are honored to be an active participant in GTI. VelaTel’s membership will provide us valuable exposure and collaboration with other industry leaders to steer and keep in front of the evolution of mobile broadband to a single global standard.”

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