Penny Stock FAQ

What we focus on within a company:

  • Management Board/Team - First and foremost, it is imperative to obtain a superior management outfit in place to be successful in any business. Keep in mind that an executives leadership role when dealing with smaller, embryo stage or start up companies are twice as important to lead the charge towards success. We tend to look for an upper echelon management board which offers great attributes such as a proprietary blend of wisdom, knowledge, and track record of experience. Leaders that hold these fine qualities coupled with empowering visionary and pioneer type foresight can propel any company to the top of the charts!
  • Industry/Sector of Company – With our team being financially savvy, its safe to say a “Sure Fire” way to spotting the best performing stocks is by locating the best performing sector. Working around the clock many analysts target undervalued stocks in industries that forecast exuberant growth potential. Honing in like a radar, we make it quite easy to find winners by filtering through a plethora of companies in the hottest sectors until a “Diamond in the Rough” is spotted.
  • Headlines/Press/News – One of our “Golden Rules” for quite some time now for ALL investors to follow has been the ability to decipher good news correctly. Having an edge on our competitors, our elite team does just that by diligently looking for companies making headlines with stronger robust sales/revenues, expanding to new locations or spotting fresh new innovative ideas. Once a company offers full transparency as well as visibility to its investors through its press, then we will identify the company as a future prospect.
  • Innovation of products/services- Companies today need to operate as a “Think Tank“…2 Most important questions to ask oneself regarding a companies future are as follows: 1) What is the greatest challenge for a companies success through showcasing and separating themselves from its competitors? A strong history of established sales, a solid pipeline of products/services and the ability to build an ” Innovation Engine”. 2) What is the greatest challenge to delivering business results? A) Leaders creating a climate for innovation, B)Creating a structure that facilitates the fresh new idea and C) Focusing on new cutting edge, revolutionary ideas in the right places.     Failing to innovate can put global organizations at risk and diminish their ability to sustain or gain a competitive advantage. This challenge can be met if companies realize that their ability to innovate is inextricably linked to their leaders, culture and organizational design.   In summary, StockRunway focuses on researching companies that have already built the “Innovation Engine“. Reason being we know companies today face a harsh ultimat