Jan 4, 2013

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Finding The Best Investment Returns

Taking Aim at the Best Investment Returns

best investment returnsIt is hardly a surprise that the best investment returns in today’s crazy financial markets are ones that are as dependent on political factors as they are tied to economic considerations.  Given the policies of the current administration over the last four years, as well as the likelihood that those policies will continue largely in effect for the next four years, there are some investments that have yielded amazing rewards for those individuals who were farsighted enough to get on board.

One might suppose that green energy stocks or health care administrative companies would be big winners in the current investment climate, but this is really not the case. There are individual high fliers and major dogs among those market segments in much the same way as there are in most other industry groupings. There is one industry group that has quietly racked up huge winnings and is likely to advance even higher over the next four years.

The Industry that offers the Best Investment Returns

• Like many other stocks, Smith and Wesson Holding Corporation (SWHC) hit a low following the 2008 recession. From that point forward, this gun manufacturing stock has risen approximately 600%.
• Olin Corporation (OLN) is not as pure a firearms play and thus has only seen its stock price rise about 170% since 2009.
• Sturm Ruger and Company (RGR) has come off its 600% gains since 2009 and has fallen down to where it is only about 450% ahead.

Recent events in Connecticut have caused a temporary emotion-based drop in the stock prices of all these companies, but talk of gun control measures always results in enormous spikes in pre-emptive gun and ammunition sales.  Like it or not, this is an entire industry that yields the best investment returns and is extremely likely to remain profitable for the next four years.

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