Nov 28, 2011

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FSLR – First Solar a Value Play

What is FSLR?

FSLRA First Solar, Inc., also known as FSLR, manufactures, designs, constructs, sells photovoltaic solar power systems and solar modules using a thin-film semiconductor technology. FSLR uses solar modules that make use of a thin layer of semiconductor material to convert sunlight into electricity making it the largest manufacturer of it’s kind. FSLR is a part of the technology sector and has a market cap of $3.86 billion. FSLR has a P/E ratio of 7.4. FSLR won in the electronics industry as it pushed it higher.

Buying into FSLR

First Solar, Inc. is raising interest of traders looking for an entry point with shares closing at $45.61 on average volume, 1.5%. The average daily volume of shares is 3.8 million shares. Today, 5.4 million shares exchanged hands with a price between $43.53 and $47.30.  As a trader, you may want to pay close attention to FSLR’s price action. You want to get a position as close as possible to support. Be aware that the upside could be limited with the resistance point at $47.30, but this could also play in your favor if the stock breaks resistance.

FSLR has obvious pros, but be weary of the cons. The strong points are in several areas, like FSLR’s profit growth, the strong financial position with sensible debt levels and good assessment levels. On the flip side, FSLR has had unsatisfactory operating money coming in and out, poor return on equity, and an overall inadequate performance in the FSLR stock.

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