Mar 23, 2012

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Some High Risk High Reward Stocks For 2012

high-risk-high-reward-stocksInvestors are always on the lookout for high risk high reward stocks that can double, triple, or quadruple in value in the span of a short time based on only a small investment.  While each investment has huge risks, they may also have huge upside.  Some pharmaceutical stocks may be the best choice for crafty investors given the boom and bust nature of chemical engineering.

High Risk High Reward Stocks For A Dollar Or Less

“Penny stocks” tend to be one of the most popular high risk high reward stocks, as many people are willing to purchase high numbers when the cost is relatively low.

Arena Pharmaceuticals, trading as ARNA, is currently running less than a dollar due to recent failures to gain approval for testing.  Now may be a good time to buy low given that Arena, a clinical-trial company, could get approval for a new weight-loss pill in the next few months: the deal with Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai might be worth as much as half a billion dollars.  If so, their stock price could triple or even quadruple.  If not, it could plummet further.

Chelsea Therapeutics, trading as CHTP, is a development company that recently announced they had had participants die in a clinical study: their stock price fell below a dollar after the news.  Their new drug, Northera, will have to gain approval by the end of the month in order to go forward, but if it does it could bounce back.

High Risk High Reward Stocks Trading At More Than A Dollar

BioLineRx is an Israeli development company that has five separate drugs soon to be on the production line.  They need them to be approved by the FDA: if they are, the high risk high reward stocks could triple; if not, it could drop below two dollars a share.

Aeterna Zentaris, trading as AEZS, is in the last phases of clinical trials.  They need to get it into production within a year or run the risk of failure to be approved; it does not look hopeful but if it does the current rate of $3.37 would probably double.

High risk high reward stocks in pharmaceuticals are easy to find given the volatile nature of the companies and the hazards of starting up production.

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