May 14, 2012

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Hot Penny Stocks For 2012: Alternative, Technical And Health

Those who enjoy the thrill of the small cap market may be on the lookout for hot penny stocks for 2012. Of course, no one can predict with complete accuracy the performance of individual stocks, but some knowledge of global and national trends can help pinpoint areas where shareholders may do well. Some of the rising stars of 2012 may be seen in the fields of alternative energy innovation, technical develop and health research.

Hot Penny Stocks for 2012: Energy and Technology

It seems like everyone is pushing for alternative energy options and technology that is more efficient. Governments want to ensure the sustainability of their countries and businesses want to increase profit margins. Because of this, companies that show strong research and development skills and who are known for providing innovative products and solutions may be some of the hot penny stocks for 2012. Companies in this category might include Universal Bioenergy and Anything Technology Media, both of which trade on the pink sheets. When looking for solid technology or energy picks, look for news about product launches or conference presentations. Companies that can hold the interest of their peers may be in the beginning stages of solution-backed growth and success.

The Rising Role of Healthcare: Hot Penny Stocks for 2012

Another niche where solid picks for hot penny stocks for 2012 might be found is in the healthcare field. The field is currently one of the leaders in the job market and an aging population is creating a robust market place for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and treatment. Some solid pink sheet picks in this area might include Elite Pharmaceuticals and Integrated Biopharma. When dealing with medical stock, it is important to stay up-to-date on trends in the business, regulatory requirements and government interactions. Changes in Medicare or Medicaid laws, for example, can cause sharp changes in the market.

These are just some suggestions for where to start with 2012 penny stock research. The listed stocks have been published on numerous top pick lists, but inclusion in this article does not constitute financial advice. Investors should complete their own research and make their own decisions about hot penny stocks for 2012.

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