Apr 1, 2011

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This news driven, chart popping, momentum running play IDEH seems to have strong legs toward new breakout zones in the upcoming days ahead. Please keep in mind that IDEH does indeed have a track record of HUGE runs on massive volume.  This similar type embryo stage move seems like a mirror image of what we have experienced in the past.

With a price tag of $0.06, IDEH seems to have plenty of upside remains intact especially due to the fact that old resistance looks to be new support based on the trading activity over the previous day or two.

Yet another catalyst seems to be the frequency of the press release with significant news creating an immediate buzz within the respective industry. “We have experienced a surge of interest in joining IDEH from a number of parking management companies since our recent announcements,” stated, Scott Lieberman, CEO. “With 2009 industry estimates of $7.93 billion, the economy rebounding and rapid consolidation in the industry, IDEH represents a very viable alternative for owners and lease holders. We plan to move ahead aggressively as possible to close on these acquisitions that hold great short- and long term promise,” Lieberman concluded.

In summary, it sure seems like we have a trend reversal in effect. Traders and investors are taking down some large block share lots hence the demand is there but we do know to play it close to the vest and implement some tight stop losses minimizing our downside.

After all…“Preservation of Capital” is the name of the game!

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