Jan 11, 2012

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LTSN – LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc. On Our Radar!


LTSNLivethesource (LTSN.ob) is a company grounded on the philosophy of “People Helping People.” This is not merely a vision, nor is it merely a mission. It is a lifestyle, that is instilled in the entire livethesource culture. It is average people coming together to enliven their financial, physical, and spiritual welfare by caring for others.

How can a company be successful in changing lives? The response is with a unique opportunity and novel products that assist you in living and feeling better. Our products are mixed with the finest, natural ingredients and blended for maximum effect and potency. Our patented nanotechonological process assures that your body  takes all of the benefits placed into every drop.


LTS Nutraceuticals – LTSN

At the center of this story is Ted Farnsworth. A trailblazer in the antioxidant drink business, Ted, wanted to produce a quality vitamin supplement formulated with the purest and best ingredients available. Research proves that mixing these fine ingredients with All Natural Patented Nanotechnology would increase performance, absorption and utilization of the vitamins, herbal compounds, and minerals found in the product. This invigorating, state-of-the-art technology raises LTSN.OB livethesource higher that the rest.

By bringing together the finest and most potent ingredients with the most up to date technology and an enlightened approach to business, livethesource presents you with the opportunity to market healthy, unique, lifestyle products and become part of a company that is sincere. This company affirms that by cooperation, we can affect lives for the better. We change lives.

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