Jul 24, 2011

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How To Choose Micro Cap Stocks Wisely

Micro Cap Stocks

Micro Cap StocksFor those who are adventurous when it comes to investing, choosing micro cap stocks is a perfect fit.  While some prefer the safety of investing in penny stocks whose capitalization is large, it can be those smaller companies that reap the most rewards.  After all, they say that no one ever became rich by playing it safe.  But one should not go about choosing these types of stocks heedlessly.  Below are some considerations to take before making that investment.

What are micro cap stocks?

They are companies that tend to be smaller, have a low stock price, limited funds, and are not listed in the stock exchange.  Generally there is very little media coverage of these companies and financial analysts may overlook them.  However, they are much less expensive than well-known stocks and they trade at less than $5.

Do proper and thorough research before making the investment.

Because coverage of micro cap stocks is limited, it is important to find out more about a company before investing in it.  It is wise to find out the history of the company and its legitimacy.  Also look at what the company offers and whether or not their product or service will be relevant in the future.  It is also important to find out about the profit history of a company to ensure that it is expanding.  A potential investor can also speak with a consultant about whether or not it is wise to buy stock from a certain company.  For safety’s sake, never trade stocks over the phone or via spam emails.

What are the potential rewards with micro cap stocks?

If a person trades stock in a wise and reasonable manner there is the potential to make a huge profit.  In certain instances a smaller stock can grow three to four times more than a larger one.  This can result in greater financial rewards since the price of the original stock is so low.

While there is the potential of making a large amount of money via a smaller stock, a person still needs to do the proper research before making an investment.  Finding out about a company’s history and acquiring the advice of a consultant are good ways to gain more knowledge.  There are also newsletters with updates about newer companies and newer investment opportunities.  There is a great deal of money to be made by those who invest wisely in micro cap stocks.

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