May 20, 2011

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Penny Stocks to Watch


3 Penny Stocks To Watch TBBC, MITK, SIRI

The First quarter of 2011 has been a banner year for the penny stock market within the OTC Arena. Fortunately for the traders and investors in this field, not much has changed almost a month into the Second quarter with the same explosiveness and longevity being spotlighted once again in this space.  Every year, there sure seems to be more penny stocks to watch than most people can keep track of.

For this reason, we are expanding our business model making a section on the website to track and outline all the best penny stocks in the market, where they are moving from and where they have moved to as well as why the average retail penny stock trader should be keeping an eye on them. Equivalent to a scoreboard with detailed data.

These penny stocks show “staying-power” growth and “investment potential” opportunity, but are mainly used for scalping with quick profits. The reason I consider them penny stocks to watch is because they have the following values associated with their price action and movement:

1. Convincing competitive advantages within its sector: Expressing that a particular company becomes one of my penny stocks to watch because it has received new contracts or a cutting edge product line offering advantages over other similar companies in the industry. This is essential because a hot penny stock usually has many benefits and thus will often times develop a strong technical pattern because of them.

2. Rise in revenues, profits and improved earnings reports: Strong earnings numbers means that a individual stock has exceeded analysts forecasts for the previous quarter and could be a tell-tale sign that the company is keeping up with their capital while showing good agility with delicate financial matters. If the profits of a company have shown a steady increase but their stock value has not yet jumped, it is likely this stock is on the verge of something new and uplifting.

3. Momentum drivers due to bullish chart indicators:  Whenever a stock becomes one of my penny stocks to watch, part of it is due to the fact that it has started to make waves regarding catching investors and traders attention in terms of price action. This can often be seen on the charts with strong volume spikes and price action, usually a key sign that the stock is heating up and getting ready to move towards the upside.

Penny Stocks to Watch for (Q2 – 2011)

The month of May is a month where the Dow has revisited to three year highs after closing in on proverbial 13,000 whole number. Gold prices are still soaring up to the 1500+ figure as many individual stocks in the market place are witnessing a renewed emerging growth program. So what does it all mean for penny stocks and where will all this prosperity lead in the market place?

During this mid-month of May, I have my eye on three stocks in particular that look outstanding! These stocks could be getting ready for a further push upward as they have been performing well recently and likely still have some good moves in them. Add them to your watch list if you are a trader in need of some good penny stocks to watch!

penny-stocks-to-watch-brainy-brands1) The Brainy Brands (OTC.OB:TBBC) has created quite a stir in the market community recently debuting as a IPO/New Issue in the penny world at $1.10 this month pushing forward towards the $1.40 “high-water-mark” on increasing investor awareness and volatility alike. The chart looks like it has plenty of clear air above for higher highs ahead over the near term. One of the many catalysts for this company to be added to our penny stocks to watch list going forward.

Business Summary: The Brainy Brands – TBBC develops and markets an extensive library of early childhood learning products, including a full range of puzzles, books, games, toys and audio-visual materials for the US market and international marketplace. The Company’s strategy is to support its existing line of high quality educational toys, media, and activities and develop new product and offerings optimizing new technologies, delivery systems, and advances in early childhood education. A multi-billion dollar industry growing by leaps and bounds thanks to consistent expansion with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!


penny-stocks-to-watch-mitek-systems2) Mitek Systems Inc. (OTC.OB:MITK) is on a “Road to Riches” in the market place over the previous 4 weeks Soaring from the $3.60 price tag in upward to New 52 week highs $7.35 this week. Investors are enjoying in excess of a double or 110% gains in less than a months time table with volume and volatility starting to increase rather quickly as of late. Another standout that does indeed belong on your watchlist.

Business Summary: Mitek Systems Inc. – MITK has provided financial institutions with advanced imaging and analytics software to authenticate and extract data from imaged checks and other financial documents.  Mitek’s patented technology has created the Gold Standard for Mobile check deposit and is currently used by leading financial organizations in the United States to process more than 10 billion items per year. Today, Mitek is applying its patented technology and extensive expertise in image correction, optical character recognition and intelligent data extraction to mobile devices.


penny-stocks-to-watch-sirius-xm-radio-siri3) Sirius XM Radio Inc. (NasdaqGS:SIRI) although SIRI trades on the Nasdaq markets, many folks tend to forget that a penny stock is defined as a stock trading under $5 hence why SIRI catapults its way onto the penny stocks to watch list. SIRI has defied all gravity over its recent climb over the “wall of worry” as investors were worried about monetary issues holding them back, outstanding debt that needed to be serviced and a large float ( 3.8 billion shares thick) that seemed like it would always suffer from “Float-Bloat”.

The companies fundamentals continue to outperform generating revenues of $2.8 billion over the fiscal year and yet still expanding to over 10% year of year growth. SIRI’s chart is clearly in a bullish up-trend as almost every dip is being bought and pullbacks are brief and shallow. If SIRI continues to outperform at this type of pace, it will not be labeled a “penny stock” for much longer…But for now, its does indeed need to be added to your penny stocks to watch list!

Business Summary: Sirius XM Radio Inc. SIRI provides satellite radio services in the United States and Canada. The company offers a programming lineup of approximately 135 channels of commercial-free music, sports, news, talk, entertainment, and traffic and weather. It also provides music channels that offer music genres, ranging from rock, pop and hip-hop to country, dance, jazz, Latin, and classical; channels of sports; talk and entertainment channels; comedy channels; national, international, and financial news channels; and religious channels. SIRI has 20.1 million subscribers and is the only satellite provider in the United States.

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