Nov 8, 2011

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Selling Penny Stocks Brings Huge Profits

Selling Penny Stocks is a Lucrative Business

Selling Penny StocksSelling penny stocks is very lucrative business for those who have a good know how. Trading in stocks is a very risky business that requires a lot of self control. Those not so disciplined in habits need not venture in trading stocks. With penny stocks you have a lower risk of loss, as these are priced lower than a dollar and thus named “penny” stocks. Compared to Forex trading or blue chip stocks, these offer a better start for traders.  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves penny stock trading for small companies. You can find these over the counter at banks, at SEC exchanges, facilities of U.S. exchanges, and foreign exchanges.

Selling Penny Stocks Requires Research

You can be selling penny stocks, after researching the market trend and opportunities of growth in the coming future. When you find a huge market, go ahead and purchase in bulk to sell later. Make sure the stocks you are trading in have the approval of SEC. When selling penny stocks, get the offer and bid price and evaluate what profit you will receive when you sell the stock. As a dealer, you will sell at offer price and buy at bid. You can also add a reasonable charge to the offer price as a mark up if you like, which is legal and acceptable.

Selling Penny Stocks To Get Rich Quick

To make a profit, you need to let the bid price rise, and then you can make a sizeable profit when you sell. Your brokerage firm will send you a statement each month and like wise you will need to send statements to your clients, when you are a broker yourself. You can easily get an agency from a brokerage firm and invest in the upcoming stocks to build a better financial future. Buying at a low price and selling at a high price will give you a nice profit margin. You will need to watch the market activity and keep an eye on the price on a regular basis.

You can get the daily list called as “pink sheets” from the brokerage firms, or look up the newspapers that print penny stock rates on a daily basis. These prices may fluctuate rapidly as all business carries a little risk. Marketing the stocks always helps in increasing the rates as it brings up the demand in buyers. Make sure the stocks you sell are from a company that makes its quarterly and annual reports public. Selling penny stocks is a lucrative business if you can learn well, and trade in a disciplined manner.

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