Sep 19, 2012

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Betting On The Advancement Of Shorting Stock Practices

Deriving the Benefits of Shorting Stock

shorting stockDespite what some newcomers to the trading platform may think, financial wizardry does not come into play when shorting stock opportunities develop, no matter how complicated the process may sound based solely on its terminology. The practice itself is rather straightforward, and can be used to sell borrowed finances or securities by what is called shorting stock, or selling the instrument and repurchasing it at a lower price. Although there is always a risk of losing money on short selling practices, which will happen if the price increases prior to the repurchase opportunity, the benefits can be quite lucrative if timed impeccably.

As with all financial dealings and investments, there is a risk that accompanies any reward, and shorting stock is not any different. It is important to research the securities you are interested in dealing with, while partnering with an accredited brokerage firm who will lend the stock to you from their inventory, or from another customer of their association. Once you have acquired the instrument the proceeds are credited to your account, with the expectation that you will sell the security back to the firm over time. When the price drops, the buyer is able to re-purchase it at a profit, or a loss — should the price increase rapidly prior to the repurchase occasion.

Interest and Fees Related to Shorting Stock

Because of the nature of this short selling activity, the stock or security never actually belongs to the person buying and selling it. And the longer the person holds onto it, the more interest they will have to pay for its existence in their hands. Likewise, rights, fees or dividends may be payable to the firm the security was obtained from, as outlined in their agreement at the time of purchase.

This practice not only takes a developed understanding of securities, but a commitment to watching the prices, trends and patterns of the industry with each waking moment the market is open, to insure the buyer is getting the best price at the time it is issued, sold and repurchased in an effort to make a tidy profit from the overall transaction.

With education, research and investing savvy, individuals are practicing the art of profiting from the age old convenance of selling an item and repurchasing it at a lower price, which in the world of investment trading is simply called shorting stock.

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