Nov 26, 2011

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The Best Brokerage For Penny Stocks Will Depend On Your Trading Style

Being successful using the best brokerage for penny stocks

best brokerage for penny stocksUsing the best brokerage for penny stocks is a big part of being successful over the long haul.  As there are many different styles of trading, it is fitting to search out a stock brokerage that will fit the methodology of trading you are currently using. Investing in the short term could mean that you require lower commissions to reduce costs and increase profits. Whereas, if you invest for the long term, you may accept a bigger hit in commissions in order to utilize the benefits of a more comprehensive tool set for research.

Likewise, a trader who is just entering the market may require a full service broker for the greater amount of support and educational tools they will have available. Paying a larger commission may mean less profits, but it is certainly better than losing your shirt over a few bad trades, due to a lack of inexperience.  As the new trader gains in experience they may decide to change their brokerage over to one that charges lower commissions, but does not provide so many services for research.

Compare Prices To Find The Best Brokerage For Penny Stocks

When you are looking for the best brokerage for penny stocks always have a look at a few to compare prices. Most brokerages will have a tier of prices depending on the amount of trading you will be doing. A trader who is just starting out can expect to make maybe 30 trades a month, while someone with a bit more experience could be doing a 100. Using these numbers as a rule of thumb will allow you to calculate the cost per trade.

The Best Brokerage For Penny Stocks Will Provide Good Decision Making Tools

Once you have learned the ropes and have decided to graduate from the full service broker you may still want tools that can help you make wise investment decisions.  The best brokerage for penny stocks should be able to provide the tools that can make trading more efficient. Software that provides real time pricing can be a boon to profits, but be conscientious when deciding what tools you need as many can be a frivolous waste of time.

There are a few other factors to consider when looking for brokerage for penny stocks. Find out what their support levels are and when they are open for business to take client support calls. Check the amount of required deposit to open a trading account, and whether there is a monthly maintenance fee. All of these things taken into consideration will go a long way to helping you find the best brokerage for penny stocks for your trading style.

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