Feb 23, 2012

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America West Resources – AWSR.OB


AWSROn July 13, 1990 the coal mining corporation of America West Resources, Inc., was created. The bulk of the coal mined by AWSR is purchased and used in the production of electricity. One of the mines that AWSR owns and operates was established in Carbon County, Utah. This mine, the Horizon Mine, is run through the company Hidden Splendor Resources, Inc. This mine is located in Carbon County about 11 miles due west of Helper, Utah. The coal that is mined here is utilized in the production of electricity by it being burned in order to create enough heat to cause steam to be created from the water used in the process. This steam then creates motions in the turbine engines that ultimately create the electricity. However, this is not the only use of steam coal. While electric companies are the primary buyers, it is also often sold to concrete companies in the western portion of the United States. The company’s growth continued in January 2009 when it purchased nearby properties.

AWSR – America West Resources Operation

The Horizon Mine remains to be the only mining operation that is owned by Hidden Splendor. The coal that is mined here is positioned in the Hiawatha Coal Seam which is in the Wasatch Plateau Coal Field.  Keep AWSR on yourwatchlist!

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