Jan 5, 2012

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POWRtec International Corporation (POWT) Moves With Heavy Volume

POWT Stock Price Has Jumped


POWRtec (POWT) has made a few announcement in the month of December that has skyrocketed the POWT stock.  A few of the announcements are that POWRtec will provide investment banking services from  PacificWave Partners to try to gain more funding for POWRtech and seeking out clients worldwide.  The company is rumored to already have potential new clients. POWRtech also announced that they will open an office in Norway, with plans to move in early this year.  The purpose is to promote to the promising Norwegian market.   The expensive promotions campaign that cost over $500,000 is thought to be one of the causes for this huge POWT jump.  POWT jumped up over 100% with over 7 millions shares traded on the market with promotional alerts naming POWT as “The Largest Gainer of 2012″. There is still a lot of questioning as to figure out what is exactly going on with POWRtech and that there is something left to be seen.

 What is POWRtech (POWT)?

POWRtec is an innovative, California-based company and has the potential to dominate the smart meter industry as an energy monitoring company.  The meters used are network-enabled and can be built to utilize just about any communications protocol.    This allows the smart meters to switch devices on and off that with the desired amount of energy output.   That will lead to smaller energy bills and obviously benefit the environment. The products can make a noticeable difference to the environment by reducing the amount of energy waste.

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