Apr 9, 2012

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SEFE.OB Makes An Announcement

SEFE.OB Establishing Their Name

sefe.obSEFE, Inc. (OTCBB: SEFE.OB), a solutions-driven and technology sustainability company, made an announcement that they are a recipient of U.S. Patent #8,102,078 issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a “Dynamic Electrical Converter System.”  This patent has been in the works since  September 4, 2008. SEFE.OB thinks that this further establishes the company and the owner of foundational atmospheric energy technology.

In other words, the variable voltage collected by the Harmony III airborne unit from static electricity in the atmosphere is received by the dynamic electrical converter technique, it is then converted into a usable electrical configuration. A monitor checks the incoming voltage as well as multiple converters, each of which can accept a distinctive range of voltages and generate the desired electrical output.

Michael Hurowitz, SEFE (SEFE.OB) Director of Engineering said, “We have worked diligently, with the help of our engineering and scientific teams, to develop sound intellectual property around our Harmony III product. The issuance by the USPTO validates the unique nature of our company and the approaches we are taking to solve real-world energy problems. We believe additional coverage of the space will be awarded to SEFE in the near term, and will continue to add to the inventions.”

Don Johnston, Chief Executive Officer of SEFE (SEFE.OB), Inc. said, “This issuance provides further validation of our company’s core technology and increases our patent claims in key new areas for our business. The USPTO again recognizes SEFE’s first position and our contribution to the field of atmospheric technology. This issuance is a long-awaited milestone in the development of our foundational intellectual property portfolio, and a victory for our company and its shareholders. The new patent should make a significant contribution to the overall valuation of our portfolio.”

What is SEFE (SEFE.OB), Inc.

SEFE (SEFE.OB) focuses on pushing the boundaries of what is feasible, embracing innovation and employing the cutting-edge to solve issues, and offering sustainable solutions to a world hungry for invention, direction and leadership. SEFE (SEFE.OB) is solutions and technology-driven, they focus on developing inventions that provide a real-world impact and true profitability. Success is measured by a project’s sustainability from an environmental point of view and a sustainable return on investment.

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