Mar 9, 2016

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Stocks That Topped EPS Estimates: Air Transport Services Group Inc (NASDAQ:ATSG), Amedisys Inc (NASDAQ:AMED), NCI Building Systems Inc (NYSE:NCS)

Stocks That Topped EPS Estimates: Air Transport Services Group Inc (NASDAQ:ATSG), Amedisys Inc (NASDAQ:AMED), NCI Building Systems Inc (NYSE:NCS)

You can’t get far in the stock market without understanding earnings. Everybody from CEOs to research analysts is infatuated with this often-quoted number. But what exactly do earnings represent? Why do they attract so much attention?

A company’s earnings are, quite simply, its profits. Take a company’s revenue from selling something, subtract all the costs to produce that product, and, voila, you have earnings! Of course, the details of accounting get a lot more complicated, but underneath all the financial jargon what is really being measured is how much money a company makes. Part of the confusion associated with earnings is caused by its many synonyms. The terms profit, net income, bottom line and earnings all refer to the same thing.

Air Transport Services Group Inc (NASDAQ:ATSG) recently brought positive earnings surprise of 10.5263% as, on 3/8/16, it reported EPS of $0.21 versus the consensus estimate of $0.19. The stock closed at $11.77 on when approximately 361,600.00 shares were traded, against the average daily trading volume of 250,570.00. The stock failed to get pushed above the $12.07 barrier, the intraday high. Its 52-week high is $12.10 and so far in this year the stock has moved up 16.77%.

Amedisys Inc (NASDAQ:AMED) posted a positive earnings surprise of 14.2857% when it released quarterly results on 3/8/16. It earned $0.40 per share versus the mean forecast of $0.35. The stock recently closed by the decrease of -1.97% to $37.25. The trading volume at ready counter moved to 281,300.00 shares as compared to 320,170.00 shares average traded volume. Its market capitalization has now reached to $1.25 billion.

NCI Building Systems Inc (NYSE:NCS), on 3/8/16, reported that its EPS was $0.07 compared with the average expectation for $0.02 a share. The difference between its actual earnings and forecasted EPS was 250.0000%. The share price of NCI Building Systems Inc (NYSE:NCS) was down -3.45% from the previous closing rate after touching an intraday high of $11.79. The stock’s low point in its 52 week range is $9.07 per share, with $17.82 as the 52 week high point — that compares with a last trade of $11.47. Trading volume was at 279,200.00 shares versus an average volume of 362,090.00 shares.


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