Apr 15, 2011

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PFVR Explore Anywhere Holdings

Explore Anywhere Holdings PFVR

PFVR: (OTC.PK) - I want all of you to pay special attention to Explore Anywhere Holdings. hence it looks to have caught “Lightning in a Bottle” as traders are acting quickly to get onboard this momentum driven, rocketship.  PFVR is currently trading higher by $.02 or 15% to $.18.


The volume is getting the injection follow-through from yesterday’s close trading 3.5 million shares within the first 2 hours of the trading session.


Explore Anywhere Holdings PFVR is in the business of selling computer monitoring software and hardware products. One of its products has been designed and developed by the company; with regard to its remaining products, Explore Anywhere acts as either an affiliated re-seller or rebrands products from outside suppliers.


Explore Anywhere currently sells one computer software monitoring product (“Spybuddy”) of which its management designed and developed in conjunction with an outside contract software engineer. The product “Spybuddy” has historically represented the majority of its sales, efforts remain ongoing to continue to support and develop this product. Explore Anywhere acts as an affiliate re-seller of two similar products “Mobile Spy” and “Sniper Spy.”


Keep a close eye on this catalyst & Put PFVR on your radar screens for further price action as the trading session plays out, It is quite obvious PFVR is “In-Play” Friday!
We’ll re-visit PFVR after the close and keep everyone abreast with updates come this weekend when we’ll see you all on the runway!


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