Oct 12, 2011

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RAYSTREAM INC (OTC BB: RAYS.OB ) Raystream Inc recently announced plans to launch its own online video compression program, using a B2B platform, which will target marketing and advertising agencies. and distribution networks. This platform is also aimed at telecommunications companies, online video companies and various other companies that specialize in the field of videos online.

Some bandwidth limitations can cause problems with both buffering and uploading, and Raystream manages to avoid both these problems by using its compression technology. This can reduce the size of a HD video file by up to 90 percent, but with none of the usual loss of quality or clarity.

Delivering online video will become the single largest category of Internet traffic by the end of 2011, according to the Visual Networking Index (VNI) supplied by Cisco. It is possible that around 90 percent of all Internet traffic will be vido data by 2015, according to the same study. Highlighted in this short video clip.

The optimization services provided by RAYSTREAM INC (OTC BB: RAYS.OB ) are a perfect match for this potentially explosive growth. The lower bandwidth costs also mean that online content providers can potentially expand their grasp of the online video market from just a small group, to just about everyone who uses the Internet. The video compression technology from Raystream will make a huge differene in reducing the time spent loading a video, as well as time spent waiting for it to buffer.

Customers and businesses worldwide can benefit from this technology, and the fact that file size of HD videos can be reduced by up to 90 percent is a major advance in this area. It means that even large files can be streamed online without buffering or stopping and it means that just about everyone around the world will have access to good quality high definition video.


Raystream Inc. brings its proprietary video compression technology to businesses and consumers worldwide. This technology drastically decreases bandwidth costs by reducing the file size of HD videos up to 90 percent, with an average of approximately 70 percent, and with no loss in clarity or quality, so they can be streamed online without buffering or stopping. Raystream’s technology puts high definition video in the reach of nearly every Internet user on the globe. Currently Raystream has 15 employees in four offices, which are located in Reno, Dallas, Orlando and Germany.

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